What is

The Plan?

In our 3 month program, clients learn to intuitively nourish themselves, body, mind and spirit.  

Throughout the course of 3 months, working one on one, I will facilitate a journey of self discovery with an ultimate end goal of optimal health and well being. We will work together to build a plan for a lifestyle that will be sustainable long term.

We will also identify triggers that have kept you in a cycle of yo-yo dieting , learn to deconstruct cravings, as well as re frame thought patterns that lead to self sabotage.


It can be challenging learning a new lifestyle and breaking old habits, but you will have access to support in between sessions in a number of  ways including text, phone, Skype, email and group support. By keeping an open mind and an open heart , the possibilities are truly endless. 


We work with individuals, families, youth, athletes, vegetarian or non vegetarian, and vegan or non vegans.